Does the Mueller Brigade subvert our Judeo-Christian democracy?

I am trying to respond to very important questions related to the Mueller Brigade and the unique democracies in the USA and Israel presented by one of my opponents. Question The opponent: “I fail to see similarities between the KGB and Mueller investigation at all. Whatever Mueller and his team come up with will beContinue reading “Does the Mueller Brigade subvert our Judeo-Christian democracy?”

The Mueller Brigade and KGB similarity

From the news media: Krauthammer: Dispute Between POTUS, Mueller, and Congress Could be A ‘Threat’ to ‘Constitutional Stability’ —————- The first half of my life I had lived in the Former Soviet Union. I lives there with clear understanding that, in spite of the Soviet Constitution with its three equal branches of the government (SovietContinue reading “The Mueller Brigade and KGB similarity”

Regrettably, many Republican Senators are Swamp fellows

From the news media: President Donald Trump signaled disappointment that the Senate failed to pass an Obamacare repeal, after hours of failed Republican attempts to keep their promise to the American people. ————- President Trump may be disappointed but he surely understands why five Republican Senators voted against him. As the latest US elections haveContinue reading “Regrettably, many Republican Senators are Swamp fellows”

Phenomenon of Trump’s antagonists explained 

This phenomenon can be seen in how the chief Trump’s antagonists characterize his personality, his election victory and his governing actions.   Senator Schumer: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer urged President Trump to give transcripts of his meeting with Russian officials and announced that he would oppose most of Trump’s Cabinet appointees.   Congresswoman Pelosi:Continue reading “Phenomenon of Trump’s antagonists explained “

Phenomenon of Trump explained

  Phenomenon of Trump that may make him one of the greatest American presidents could be clearly seen (of course, by an unbiased and not ideologically blinded person) from Trump’s The Art of the Deal, Make America Great Again, Drain the Swamp and Riyadh-Jerusalem-Vatican inauguration.   The Art of the Deal as applied to dealsContinue reading “Phenomenon of Trump explained”

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