It is not BLUE vs RED – it is modern Slavery vs Individual Freedoms

This post continues developing the major idea of this Blog, Intellectual Judaism, on how the Judeo-Christian American national morality – yes, that is our morality/identity! – that is codified in the Ten Commandments and detailed in the Torah/Bible, and in the US Constitution as well, should shape the governing of the nation.

In essence, these are the thoughts on how to preserve, defend and strengthen the individual freedoms and responsibilities given to us by the Supreme Almighty Power (“we are created in the image and likeness of this Power” as unique individuals) against endless attempts of the almighty human government to transform us from the unique individuals to a human herd.   

=Defining the modern Slavery=

Like in the historic past, the modern slavery is the people in the chains – not in the chains around your arms or legs – in the chains of the big-government laws which are forcing you to do what is contrary to your God/Bible-guided beliefs and what is abolishing your individual freedoms.   

=From the news-media: The crucial point to consider is that should a Biden presidency come about, the general, national shift to centralized government control will increasingly be compulsory=

Big Government, Big Media, Big Tech, Big Medicine, Big Solutions will flourish at the expense of the individual: individual rights, individual property, personal wealth, personal privacy, individual responsibility, personal conscience which have to be compromised supposedly for the greater good.

To successfully defend individual freedoms, we have to get rid of many fallacies created by the Biggies that clouded our political, social and spiritual realms for a long time.

=A fallacy: God and Bible belong only to the Church=

We have to get rid of this fallacy and return God and Bible to the public square as the only foundation for the individual freedoms and responsibilities against the modern government-forced slavery.    

=A fallacy: What is allowed and forbidden for “We the People” to do is defined by the big-government’s politically-correct orders=   

We have to get rid of this fallacy and form the government that is enforcing what is allowed and forbidden along the lines of God/Bible guidance.  

=A fallacy: Modern politically correct concepts like human rights, racism, white superiority, diversity, equality, globalism, climate-ism, etc. should be the guidance for the government legislative work to create some “global equality”=

We have to get rid of this fallacy created to subvert the God/Bible guidance that directs us “We the People” to treat everybody and everything with equal respect.

=A fallacy: The US Constitutional separation of the State from the Church prevents any influence of the Church on the government work=

We have to get rid of this fallacy created to subvert the founding national Judeo-Christian morality/identity. Our Founding Fathers separated the unelected official religious institutions to prevent their interfering into the governing by the democratically elected officials. Our founding Fathers created the US Constitution to preserve and strengthen the national Judeo-Christian morality/identity that is rooted in the religion.   

=A fallacy: American big business and mass news-media support the individual rights vs the modern slavery of the big government=   

We have to get rid of this fallacy. For the big businesses, including the mass news-media conglomerates, the chief goal is to make money, and money is easier to make not in the free-market competition, as is the case in the society of individual freedoms, but in the society of government regulations and prescriptions which a business can easier handle by supporting politicians with the money (some call it corruption).

Trump is a nowadays Moses

Trump is a nowadays Moses and that is what should be understood by the defenders of democracy. Both Moses and Trump are the fighters for the God-guided democracy that is the opposite of the fake politically correct Bolshevism “democracy” that is promoted by the anti-Trump forces in America.  

Moses, Hebrew Moshe, Hebrew prophet, teacher, and leader who, in the 13th century BCE, delivered his people from the Egyptian slavery to the God-guided community of individual freedoms and responsibilities. In the Covenant ceremony at Mt. Sinai, where the Ten Commandments were promulgated, he founded the God-guided religious community known as Israel. Nowadays this religious community includes all who live by the morality of Judaism and Christianity – in the USA, by the national Judeo-Christian morality.

Trump, President Donald J Trump, modern American prophet, teacher, and leader who delivers his people, the people of Judeo-Christian America, from the slavery of the Big Government which is guided by the Communist manifesto to the God-guided individual freedoms and responsibilities.  

Trump the God-guided leader of his people
Moses the God-guided leader of his people

There cannot be peace with American Bolsheviks – we must defeat them

@There cannot be peace with American Bolsheviks – we must defeat them@  

The term Bolsheviks was describing the members the majority faction of the Russian Social Democratic Party, which was renamed the Communist Party after seizing power in the October Revolution of 1917. This term was synonymous with the socialist · leftist · collectivist · radical socialist · anticapitalism · Soviet · Bolshevist · Marxist · neo-Marxist · Leninist · Marxist–Leninist · Trotskyist · Trotskyite · Maoist · commie · Bolshie · red · lefty.

By the actions, a Bolshevik is defined as rebel · insurgent · revolutionist · mutineer · insurrectionary · agitator · subversive · guerrilla · anarchist · freedom fighter · resistance fighter · insurrectionist · frondeur.

The World thought that Bolshevism died together with the demise of the Soviet Union.

Unfortunately, it was resurrected in the USA as the American Bolshevism by many anti-American groups with Antifa and BLM leading spiritually all of them.

In the 2020 elections, the American Bolsheviks are the overwhelming power in the Democrat party, and the victory of this party in the elections would mean the victory of American Bolshevism.

The Judeo-Christian America is fighting back, and we must defeat the Bolsheviks.

What we are defending is the true identity of America.

That is the identity of the Judeo-Christian America which we, the Judeo-Christian America, are defending from our domestic enemies who are trying to destroy it, and we must defend it in the November 2020 elections. What we are defending is described in an article at

Judeo-Christian America is fighting American Bolsheviks

After the elections, a hotter civil war looks inevitable

Regrettably, that is true – after the November 2020 elections a hotter civil war looks inevitable. Any reasonable person feels it. Why?

It is so because the USA is not a unified nation anymore – it is split into two rival communities with no common ground to be used as a foundation for reuniting. Why?

It is so because our community is the community of the Bible morality of reaching the personal best individually that is guided by Bible concepts of individual rights and responsibilities (the Ten Commandments) whereas their community is the community of the Marxist morality that is enforced by the almighty government that decides what is the same uniformed best for every individual (the Communist Manifesto).

Their morality is rival to our morality. Both cannot peacefully coexist in one nation as the relatively recent world history has convincingly demonstrated by civil wars and revolutions in Russia, in countries of the Soviet Block, in China, in Venezuela, in Cuba.  

Let us assume that Joe Biden wins honestly. He would not be able to resists the pressure of his most powerful supporters such as Antifa and BLM demanding the introduction of the “fair tax” (most probably at about 80% on everybody who creates the national wealth) to redistribute the wealth from those who create it to those who want it – under the pretense of “social and economic equality.”

The people who are assaulted by the “fair tax” understand that such “fair tax” would realize this would not only eliminate their individual freedoms to use their money as fulfilment of their own morality. That would ruin the life of their families and the life of the entire nation. They will resist by all means available not limited just to the “civilized and democratic debate,” as was done in 1796 (the American Revolution). It may look like a transformation of the cold civil war where we are now to a hot civil war.

A note: The “fare tax” will ruin the life not only the “rich people” with income of 400K and above as planned. The real principles of economy would force these people to shift the burden of the “fair tax” to most of the working people with much lower income. Therefore, the American majority will suffer! Something else to remember: The “fair tax” is the core demand on their “demand list.” Everything else such as social justice, racism, bigotry, etc. is secondary since their chief goal is the Bolsheviks’ economic equality.    

Let us assume that Donald Trump (and our Judeo-Christian America) wins honestly, and I believe that is the most probable result of the elections. Then, Antifa and BLM will see their fair-tax/redistribution dreams disappear, and they will resist violently as they have done many times in the past to “burn down the system” – that is our way of life.

And we, the winning side, will be forced to resist by all means available, and it is also will lead to a hot civil war.

I am not a prophet, but I am a scientist, and I have found a good probability of what is described in the above may happen.  

From the news-media:

Almost all the polls say that US President Donald Trump is heading towards defeat at the hands of his Democrat challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden next month. But Robert Cahaly, who heads the Trafalgar Group polling firm, disagrees. Cahaly was the only major pollster that accurately called the 2016 presidential race. In an interview with The Political Trade podcast last week, Cahaly said his data show Trump headed for another upset victory Nov. 3. Cahaly said that today, as in 2016, the disparity between his numbers and the marquis polling firms’ numbers owes to the latter’s systematic neglect of what he calls the “Shy Trump Voter Effect.” From the time Hillary Clinton referred to Trump’s supporters as “deplorables,” through today as Democrats demonize them as racists and fascists, Cahaly explains that a significant and growing segment of Trump voters will not admit their support for him. Fearing social and professional repercussions, the Shy Trump Voter lies to pollsters and anyone else who asks him what he thinks of Trump.

Judeo-Christian America, please vote – your vote for Donald Trump as US President, and for the Republican majority in the Senate and House of Representatives would help us in the after-election upheaval.  

That is what we are defending
That is the defenders’ leader

Trump or Biden? – here is everything you need for deciding

Image result for Biden vs Trump

Trump or Biden? – here is everything you need for deciding  

If you believe America was created as a good exceptional nation which is governed by the Ten Commandments and therefore is ready to consider and fix all suggested social injustices, or is looking for confirmation of this belief, this post is for you.

However, if you believe America was conceived in sin, is irredeemable, and must be first burnt down and then completely rebuild to be “politically correct” along the lines of Antifa/BLM ideology, this post is not for you.   

^^^Please listen to this^^^

In this video you will see a head of a very respectful bipartisan organization presenting his defense of Donald J Trump as the US President. I urge all those who normally hate reading of or listening to everything in defense of Donald Trump for the President to watch this video. In this video you find the roots of the American nowadays civil war and why this time only Trump can save us as the nation despite all his well-known negatives.

If you want to verify the truthfulness of the facts in this video on the Antifa/BLM planning to “burn down” the Judeo-Christian America, you can verify it in the Antifa/BLM manifestos.

The BLM manifesto could be found at

Among many other things there you will see the following:

“For the economic injustice, we (BLM) demand:

A strong progressive tax on capital that will be redistributed as reparations to enslaved descendants and indigenous people.

The seizure of all the possessions of the religious congregations and the abolition of all the religious institutions that have been used to oppress, enslave, and colonize people of color.

The revision of all military contracts and the seizure of 85 percent of the profits to be redistributed to the enslaved descendants and indigenous people.”

The Antifa manifesto could be found at  

Among many other things there you will see the following:

@Liberation will be won by any means necessary. @We will destroy the state, police, military, corporations, and all those who run the American Plantation. @We will live in dignity in a world without prisons. @Systems of punishment will be abolished. There will be no law to enforce, no money to protect. @Revolutionary justice will be determined by those who are oppressed. @There will be no government, no person or group will have power over another. @Communities will make decisions about how they live and will make sure that everyone has what they need to live a dignified life. @Land is not property, it is alive, communal and must be protected. @Alongside international comrades, we will destroy all borders for the free movement of people everywhere. @Militant networks will defend our revolutionary communities. Liberation begins where America dies.

And finally, if you want to see the Judeo-Christian identity of the fight against Antifa/BLM you can find it at

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