Modern American ‘diversity’ murders Americans!

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<Unfortunately, that is true – Modern American ‘diversity’ murders Americans!>

Diversity in the efforts to strengthen the spiritual and economic foundation of the nation creates the domestic competition that is necessary for the nation’s wellbeing – that is what distinguishes the nations of individual liberties from the totalitarian nations.

That was America at the beginning. The newcomers from England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Poland, and some other places, Jews from Russia, competing with each other, created the unique nation of individual liberties and economic prosperity for the great majority. They were competing, not murdering, because most of them had similar moral values – the values of Judeo-Christian morality of ‘In God We Trust.’  

Diversity in the efforts to change the spiritual and economic foundation of the nation creates the upheaval and is destructive – that is what distinguishes the stable and prosperous nations from the nations drowned in the civil wars. That is America nowadays.

Many of modern newcomers are from the nations where the Judeo-Christian moral values are abhorred. Many of modern newcomers are not peacefully competing with the people of Judeo-Christian values – some of them are murdering and ruining the American economy.  

The most uncomfortable topic in the ‘diversity’ discussion is the diversity of the Blacks (Afro-Americans).

Most of them are the descendants of the slaves brought here in chains from Africa to work on plantations. The moral values of their majority were far from the American Judeo-Christian ones that became obvious after the slavery was abolished.

For a long time after the abolishment the national approach toward the former slaves was a right one – the Judeo-Christian America is helping the former slaves learn and live by the Judeo-Christian moral values with clear understanding that it may take a long time.

But the Big Totalitarian Government changed all that. It decided to use the Black-slavery narrative for strengthening its power by replacing the Judeo-Christian national governing morality by a totalitarian one. And the Big Government has succeeded. Now it is up to us the Judeo-Christian America to decide what to do.   

‘Racism’ is a weapon of American domestic totalitarianism!  

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Racism does not exist in the Judeo-Christian America – ‘Racism’ is a creation of American domestic totalitarianism!  

America (the United States of America) was created as a nation with the Judeo-Christian moral governing principles that are coming from the Supreme power called God and rooted in the Ten Commandments.

The people of Judeo-Christian moral principles, both religious and secular people, despise the racism because they believe all races are created equal by God in His own image and likeness.

All people of all races were created equal in their ability to reach their dreams by the individual efforts – equal regarding the spiritual opportunities but not regarding the material-wealth results. The people were judged by their moral character – not by their wealth. The people in the real material need were helped by the so-called wealthy people. There was no “compassionate and caring” government – the goal of the government was to defend everybody’s individual freedoms from the enemies domestic and foreign. But “compassion and caring” was in action – the people of Judeo-Christian morality were compassionate and caring because this was at the heart of the Ten Commandments.

The morally unregulated immigration changed all that.  

The new immigrants with the wish to find in Judeo-Christian America a “compassionate and caring” government begin changing everything at the beginning of the 20th century.

They began creating the “compassionate and caring” government by electing to the government those who promised more freebies. Those who were elected soon realized they easily may be “compassionate and caring” not only for the electorate but mostly for themselves.

And who are paying for this “compassion and care”? Of course, the people who create the wealth.

The problem is how to make those who create the wealth to accept such robbery that is called these days the redistribution of wealth. And the “American racism” is invented to suppress the resistance. Everybody who is fighting the Big Totalitarian Government is labeled a racist. And if the Big Totalitarian Government labels you a racist, the Big New-Media revokes your freedom of speech and the Big Business does not hire you.  

That is a complete transformation of America – from a nation of Judeo-Christian morality to a nation of … a sort of pagan morality. What to do? The Americans of Judeo-Christian morality should find the answer.  


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The Judeo-Christian America – may save itself or vanish

@The Judeo-Christian America – may save itself or vanish@

The Big Government against the Judeo-Christian America

Many consider the unique American democracy as the American identity. However, a democracy is not an identity.

At the core of the democracy is the free election that grants the national majority the right to elect the government that will be securing and strengthening the national identity which defines what the nation believes is GOOD and should be supported and what is BAD and should be restrained.

Democracy is the tool to govern a nation with a well-defined national identity. However, democracy becomes dangerous for a nation which is losing its identity, and the recent history presents many examples of that.

If a nation is losing its identity one of the national communities – one with the urge for absolute supremacy – captures the power, suppresses the others, and then legitimizes itself under the banner of democracy through a relatively free election.  

It happened in Germany when the Nazi goons with their leader-god named Hitler transformed a liberal Germany into the absolute dictatorship. It happened because after WWI – under the banner of democracy – numerous social movements were created that were antagonistic to the traditional identity of the German people which is the Judeo-Christian identity of God-inspired individual freedoms.

It happened in Russia when the Communist thugs with their leaders-gods Marx/Lenin/Stalin transformed a God-fearing Russia into the absolute dictatorship. It happened because after WWI – under the same banner of democracy – numerous social movements were created that were antagonistic to the traditional identity of the Russian Empire which is the Russian Orthodox Christian identity of obeying the God-Tsar.

In happened in China, Cuba, Venezuela …

And nowadays it is happening in the USA – the presumed inspiration for the world.


The answer is the same – we are losing our national Judeo-Christian identity of God-inspired individual freedoms, and we are losing it under the same banner of democracy. It happened because during and after WWII the World was a truly dangerous place that required an immensely powerful American government to secure the survival of the nation from assaults of many foreign enemies led by the Soviet Union.

Such immensely powerful American government was supposed to demonstrate its immense power only in the foreign affairs – not to use its power in the domestic affairs to suppress the unique Judeo-Christian American identity of God-inspired individual freedoms. However, it happened!

Why? – Because the power corrupts, and the absolute power corrupts absolutely.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is the best-known quotation of the 19th century British politician Lord Acton and frequently quoted by Winston Churchill.

And that is what happened with the All-powerful American Government with its urge for absolute supremacy – it became corrupt and applied its immensely corruptive power to the domestic affairs suppressing the national Judeo-Christian morality of the individual freedoms and substituting it by its own morality of the government freedoms to do whatever it wishes, and it only wish is to stay in power forever.

And that is how the Judeo-Christian America has come to what we observe in horror now.

> The Big Government that is acting like a god and dismantling the God-guided Judeo-Christian America

The Big Government is disuniting the nation splitting it into many competing and fighting communities, and doing it consciously, to create an anti-Judeo-Christian majority that enables the Big government to change America from the nation of God-guided individual freedoms to the nation of obedience to the All-mighty government-god.

The Big Government is forcing the Judeo-Christian America to obey it as to a god in all real-life circumstances locking the true God in our churches and synagogues.

The Big Government makes it impossible or exceedingly difficult to use our God-guided individual freedoms for helping the others by forcing us to believe it takes care of everybody (like God) by enforcing the mystical fairness for everybody and providing money for its implementation (in everything – education, health services, housing, abortions, marriages, etc.). However, what the Big Government is doing is far from the true fairness – it is confiscating the wealth from those who make it, and using this confiscated wealth to enrich itself and to bribe those to help electing such all-mighty government.

>The Big Businesses that are acting like gods and suppressing the small individual-freedom-based businesses  

The Big Business supports the Big Government since the government’s regulations and direct contracts let the Big Business prosper.

>The Big News-Media conglomerates that are acting like gods as well and blocking the Judeo-Christian America from any information that may awaken this America

The Big News Media is well paid by the Big Business for brainwashing the people to accept the replacement of the Judeo-Christian morality of individual freedoms by the government-imposed moral slavery of an individual sweetened by the free government-provided goodies.

All the Biggies have made Donald J Trump the enemy #1.


President Trump has dispelled all deceptions of the Big Government/Businesses/New-Media-conglomerates and highlighted the real reason for our national misfortunes which is the actions of the Big Government aimed at replacing our national Judeo-Christian morality of God-inspired individual freedoms by the Big-Government slavery … yes, slavery – not in chains but in total dependency!

They have been able to remove Trump from the US Presidency, but they understand that removing us, the Judeo-Christian America, from the American life is a much more difficult task.

Here are the words of one of the Biggies’ leaders: “ABC News Political Director: Getting Rid Of Trump Is The Easy Part. Cleansing The Movement He Commands … Something Else.” So, the Biggies want to cleanse us, to get rid of us, the Judeo-Christian America.   
That is up to us either to accept being cleansed out of existence, or to organize ourselves and defeat them. The first most crucial step should be the sharp downsizing the Government – from being the Big and oppressive one to a normal God-guide one legislating by the morality of the Ten Commandments.

And in the Judeo-Christian America, the Jewish community should realize that many of its members – in violation of the Torah Commandments (“we are created in the image and likeness of God”) – were active participants in cleansing the Judeo-Christian America.   

One of the bosses of the Big Government Pelosi said openly: <Pelosi: Trump ‘imminent threat’ to ‘our Democracy,’ lawmakers moving forward with impeachment.> And she is right – Trump is imminent threat to the dictatorial power of the Big Government, which they call “our democracy.” Yes, the Judeo-Christian America is “imminent threat” to them.

We have painfully discovered that our oppressive political system cannot be changed from inside – different actions are required!

American Big-government Corruption

We are happy when ‘We Trust in GOD’ and unhappy when ‘we trust in government-god’

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To be happy we must trust in god
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Unfortunately, many trust in government-god

We are happy when ‘We Trust in GOD’ because we live along the lines of our inner moral feelings without being forced to violate them by a morally alien power. 

We are unhappy when ‘we trust in government-god’ because the government-god is such a morally alien power. 

If ‘We trust in GOD’ we are happy because we relate to the others as the soulmates whose life is guided by the same GOD’s morality of the Ten Commandments. But if ‘we trust in government-god’ we are unhappy because we relate to many others as potentially hostile forces whose evil intentions must be controlled by the government-god.  

If ‘We trust in GOD’ we are happy because we shape up our own lives and the lives of our families and communities (social, political, economic …) in our own unique GOD-guided way. But if ‘we trust in government-god’ we are unhappy because the government shapes our lives, and the lives of our families and communities in the way that is morally alien to us.

If ‘We trust in GOD’ we are happy because we educate our children our way on how to use their individual freedoms wisely in the framework of the Ten Commandments – we teach them the Judeo-Christian morality of the Bible and its numerous applications in the real life. But if ‘we trust in government-god’ we are unhappy because the government teaches our children the government morality at the core of which is the obedience to the regime.

If ‘We trust in GOD’ we are happy because we do not interfere in the domestic affairs of other nations since we respect their own uniqueness (hopefully in their own unique GOD-guided image and likeness). But if ‘we trust in government-god’ we are unhappy because our government-god will be imposing on the other nations its globalized unified rules of behavior that creates the confrontation between the nations and makes the world less peaceful.

If ‘We trust in GOD’ we are happy because we have total freedom of personal expressions and no censorship of any kind – that is so because we are GOD-guided on how to figure out what is true and what is false. But if ‘we trust in government-god’ we are unhappy because the government-god is legislating what is true and what is false, and we must follow the government true-false rulings which frequently violate our own ‘we trust in GOD’ morality.

If ‘We trust in GOD’ we are happy because our free-market economy makes the majority wealthier. But in ‘we trust in government-god’ we are unhappy because the economy is guided by the government’s directives aimed at strengthening the power of the government that makes the majority poorer.

If ‘We trust in GOD’ we are happy because the law-enforcement entities are securing our individual liberties. But if ‘we trust in government-god’ we are unhappy because the law-enforcement entities are securing the government – not us.

If ‘We trust in GOD’ we are happy because we have the capability to help those who are in need, and we help them along the lines of our Bible-guided understanding whom to help. But if ‘we trust in government-god’ we are unhappy because the government confiscates our money to help those who support the government.

So, that is up to us to decide in whom we trust – in GOD or in the government-god – and to figure out what to do if the things are going not our Judeo-Christian way of ‘We trust in GOD.’   

Traditional Rabbis’ assessment of the roots of American upheaval  

That is how the Jewish spiritual history sees the roots of American upheaval  

Rabbi Yaakov Menken 
Managing Director, Coalition for Jewish Values 

Rabbi Yaakov Menken

Watching the decline around us, we must remember the lessons of Ancient Egypt: the decline into tyranny starts slowly, and gathers steam. 

Passover (Pesach) begins on March 27, a time when Exodus 13:3 reminds us to: 

“Remember this day, on which you went free from Egypt, the house of bondage, how G-d freed you from it with a mighty hand…” 

Egypt gradually imposed limitations until the Jews were fully enslaved. 

Now leftists in Congress, who hate religious values as much as they hate Jews, are enacting oppressive policies that will limit the freedom of religious practice that the Founding Fathers acted to protect: 

  • Attacking the Bible as a “bigoted document;” 
  • Imposing limitations on religious freedom; 
  • Redefining gender and attacking women’s rights; 
  • $400 million on taxpayer-funded abortions; and 
  • Assaulting the holy union between man and woman. 

The Leftist Utopia of a “nanny state” is actually a prescription for a return to Egypt: control of our lives from birth to death — persecuting religion and traditional values, instead of ensuring freedom from persecution. 

If we do not counter this Leftist assault on our Founding Principles, faith in America will be ripped out at the root. 

Our organization, the Coalition for Jewish Values, includes over 1,500 traditional, Orthodox Rabbis who refuse to sit by idly and allow America – the nation we love – to slide towards the Egypt that the Jews fled. 

Leftists in Congress have shown that they hate the traditional values that made America great. They claim to support America but want to tear down everything the Founding Fathers held dear. 

Does the radical Left realize what they are squandering? 

LetterRecall President George Washington’s historic letter to the first American synagogue (in Newport, RI) in 1790. He wrote: 

“The Government of the United States…gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance.” 

Washington continued: “May the children of the stock of Abraham who dwell in this land continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other inhabitants—while every one shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree and there shall be none to make him afraid.” 

If President Washington could see his country today, he would not recognize it: our freedom to worship is under attack. 

This Passover, we are inviting every American who shares traditional values to celebrate God’s Blessing and the joy of our liberation. And yet even as we celebrate our freedom from ancient Egypt, we ONCE AGAIN face the shackles of oppression. 

We are now at risk of losing America to evil forces that aim to send us back to Egypt and erase President Washington’s solemn promise. 

That’s why we are not resting for ONE SECOND from our fight to stop this radical assault on G-d in America. We are not willing to remain silent about policies that would force us to violate our beliefs and are against everything our Founding Fathers fought to establish for our nation. 

DON’T LET AMERICA FALL – if we don’t defend Biblical Values now, your children will grow up in a country that imprisons them for their faith or tells boys that they can be girls! 

It is our duty to G-d to stand up against those who attack our faith as “bigoted,” for they are the true bigots. These attacks on Biblical values and practices must end, but only if you join us TODAY so we may preserve the backbone of America, faith. 

May G-d continue to bless you, America, and Israel. 

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