Judeo-Christian America is defeated by an Orwellian America!

@Judeo-Christian America is defeated by an Orwellian America!

Judeo-Christian thoughts on why it happened and what to do.  

How the Judeo-Christian and Orwellian Americas differ  

At the moral core of the Judeo-Christian America is the life by the moral prescripts of the Ten Commandments for everybody in this America – for church and synagogue goers, for secular individuals, for whites and blacks, for democrat and republican party members, for poor and rich. This moral core makes the individual liberties “in the image and likeness of God” more precious than a government-imposed herd-like rules of behavior.    

Although in the past the prime rival of the Judeo-Christian America was the Pagan America, nowadays the prime enemy is the Orwellian America.  

The Orwellian America is guided by three Orwellian rules:  

  • The power is seized without the intention of relinquishing it. 

That is what the US Government was doing for the last hundred years: was temporarily increasing its power to resolve a challenge, and never returning this power to the people when the challenge was gone.    

  • The most effective way to destroy the rivals is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.  

That is what the US Government was doing through numerous brainwashing educational mandatory programs for the last many years: was creating and introducing numerous mandatory courses that encourage the students to hate the nation’s founding Judeo-Christian principles.     

  • The liberty is rooted in the right to tell people what they do not want to hear – therefore, deny and criminalize this right.  

That is what the US Government has done by the direct decrees and through the Big News-Media: was creating the politically correct content for public discussions where all ideas and words hostile to the big-government power were considered hateful and therefore unacceptable.  

Those three rules are making the Orwellian America the real enemy of the Judeo-Christian America, and the enemy which is much more dangerous than the Pagan America.  

And now we can see why the Judeo-Christian America is defeated, and the Orwellian America is victorious   

The morality of the Judeo-Christian individuals guides them to respect those who live by other moralities in their own individual realms, including even the Orwellian realm, – “do not do harm to your neighbor” guides the behavior of the Judeo-Christian individuals.  

The Orwellian morality is different – the morality of the Orwellian America guides its people to ask their government-god to obliterate all rivals by force (the force of impeachment, of national guards, of judicial system, of news-media, of partisan election officials, etc.).     

In the direct encounter between the brute force and the sacred morals, the force always wins.  

Is it possible for the Judeo-Christian America to recover from the defeat, and if it is possible – how? 

Yes, it is possible, and we may start with the following. 

In the United States of America, the Judeo-Christian States are in majority and they can and must take back the power usurped by the Federal government. That means the fight for restoration of the original meaning of the US Constitution. The supreme power of the States in the domestic affairs was the Constitutional idea from the very beginning. It should be done with the help of the US Supreme Court or without.  

Those of us who want to refresh their memory about the Orwellian America may find it in the movie “1984” at  

1984 The Movie – Based on Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell – Colorized – Bing video 

Those of us who are not sure how the Orwellian America operates these days may find it at 

The Reichstag Fire of the Democrats | Frontpagemag 


The Secret Bipartisan Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election | Time 

Intellectual Judaism: “In the Image and Likeness of God” as a Call for Actions now

<Intellectual Judaism: “In the Image and Likeness of God” as a Call for Actions now>

This most crucial declaration of the Torah is the key to understanding the difference between the pagan human identity and the Torah’s human identity that the Jews had understood first and delivered to the others. Sadly, this declaration is neglected by too many although it is the key to understanding why Israel and America currently in the state of cold civil wars and what to do.  

That is not a physical image of what we call God we are talking about (a bearded man in the Heavens, the Cosmos, the Black hole …) – we are talking about His spiritual image that is well defined in the Torah. This image is of Unique Creator with own unique criteria of what is GOOD and should be strengthen, and what is BAD and should be suppressed.

The pagans believed that the gods as the most powerful beings can do everything, and therefore the way to get what you want is to bribe the gods to have them deliver.

The Torah declared something completely different – you cannot get what you want by bribing God – you must act “in His Image and Likeness” as a unique creative individual guided by the unique individual understanding of what is GOOD and BAD – and this unique understanding of what is GOOD and BAD must be rooted in the Ten-Commandments tailored to the unique individual life circumstances.

The nowadays social/political civil wars in Israel and America are conducted mostly between those who live by the identity of “In the Image and Likeness of God” that is by the identity of the personal liberties and those who live by the near-pagan identity that is by the identity of bribing a government-god (in the political terminology, the bribing means helping to elect to the position of the almighty power) which would take care of its human possessions.

Those of us who live by the identity of “In the Image and Likeness of God” (our near-pagan adversaries call the people of this identity the conservatives, right wingers, white supremacists, racists, bigots, etc.) the best action – to avoid an escalation of the civil wars – would be for the local authorities to take the governing power from the federal/national government on all issues that are touching the identity of the local communities.  

In Israel for example, Bnei Brak would be a city with the Jewish identity of the Orthodox Judaism while Tel-Aviv will live by the Jewish secular identity. Neither Bnei Brak nor Tel-Aviv will be trying to change the identity of other localities by the force of the national government, and both will not interfere in the work of the national government in the foreign affairs.

In America for example, Texas will be a state with the identity of personal liberties while California will be a state of a near-Communist identity. Those Texans who love the government care may move to California, and the Californians with the love for personal liberties may move to Texas. Both Texas and California would not interfere in the actions of the federal government related to the foreign affairs.   

In the image and likeness of God

Russian reformers: sadly, nowadays America is mirroring Russia

*America is not the spiritual light to the nations anymore*

Andrey Illarionov is one of the leading Russian politicians who are fighting for transforming the Russian corrupted political system into the system of civil liberties on which America was founded. He is a Russian economist and former economic policy advisor to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Policy disagreements with Putin forced him to leave Russia. He went to the USA where he worked as a senior fellow in the Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity at the Cato Institute in Washington, DC.

Andrey Illarionov and his freedom-loving colleagues have been studying the American civil society to use its characteristics as the guidelines for creating a similar civil society in Russia.

However, the latest political developments in the USA shocked the Russian reformers. These developments forced the Russian reformers reject the American model as something worthwhile to follow. Why? – Because the latest political developments in the USA have revealed that the modern American political system operates in the way that is close to how the Russian oppressive political system works.  

Below in the link you find an hour-long interview with Andrey Illarionov on how the latest political developments in the USA revealed the deterioration of the traditional American identity of civil liberties that forced the Russian reformers to reject the American model for Russia. This interview is in Russian, and of course many of us are not capable to read it. For those who are in this category, the major findings that are presented in the interview are described below.

  • The freedom of speech is suppressed for those who are trying to reduce the power of the Big government – is suppressed under the government-imposed rules of political correctness – now in America as it has been always in Russia.
  • The grievances about the perceived election fraud are suppressed and not investigated by both the government and the judicial authorities – now in America as it has been always in Russia.  
  • The covert provocateurs are being sent into the lawful anti-government manifestations to discredit the political opponents and criminalize their lawful actions – now in America as it has been always in Russia.  
  • The Constitution is being manipulated to replace its original trust in the individual liberties guided by the Bible morality – is being manipulated by the corruptive power of the big government – now in America as it has been always in Russia.
  • All the above has brought America to the state of a cold civil war with an unpredictable future – now in America as it was in America in her historic past and has been in Russia in 1917 and 1991.
  • Tragically, America is not any longer the Spiritual Light to Russia, as well as for many other nations that are fighting for the individual liberties against the government corruptive oppression, as was in the glorious American past.  

(7138) Андрей Илларионов – АМЕРИКА НАХОДИТСЯ В СОСТОЯНИИ РАСКОЛА! – YouTube

From the news-media: Ideological Alignment Pushing America Toward Totalitarianism, Experts Warn. Concerns over the nexus of big tech, big media, and big government.


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The place of Russian oppressive government
The place of American oppressive government

The Judeo-Christian America – may save itself or vanish

@The Judeo-Christian America – may save itself or vanish@

The Big Government against the Judeo-Christian America

Many consider the unique American democracy as the American identity. However, a democracy is not an identity.

At the core of the democracy is the free election that grants the national majority the right to elect the government that will be securing and strengthening the national identity which defines what the nation believes is GOOD and should be supported and what is BAD and should be restrained.

Democracy is the tool to govern a nation with a well-defined national identity. However, democracy becomes dangerous for a nation which is losing its identity, and the recent history presents many examples of that.

If a nation is losing its identity one of the national communities – one with the urge for absolute supremacy – captures the power, suppresses the others, and then legitimizes itself under the banner of democracy through a relatively free election.  

It happened in Germany when the Nazi goons with their leader-god named Hitler transformed a liberal Germany into the absolute dictatorship. It happened because after WWI – under the banner of democracy – numerous social movements were created that were antagonistic to the traditional identity of the German people which is the Judeo-Christian identity of God-inspired individual freedoms.

It happened in Russia when the Communist thugs with their leaders-gods Marx/Lenin/Stalin transformed a God-fearing Russia into the absolute dictatorship. It happened because after WWI – under the same banner of democracy – numerous social movements were created that were antagonistic to the traditional identity of the Russian Empire which is the Russian Orthodox Christian identity of obeying the God-Tsar.

In happened in China, Cuba, Venezuela …

And nowadays it is happening in the USA – the presumed inspiration for the world.


The answer is the same – we are losing our national Judeo-Christian identity of God-inspired individual freedoms, and we are losing it under the same banner of democracy. It happened because during and after WWII the World was a truly dangerous place that required an immensely powerful American government to secure the survival of the nation from assaults of many foreign enemies led by the Soviet Union.

Such immensely powerful American government was supposed to demonstrate its immense power only in the foreign affairs – not to use its power in the domestic affairs to suppress the unique Judeo-Christian American identity of God-inspired individual freedoms. However, it happened!

Why? – Because the power corrupts, and the absolute power corrupts absolutely.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is the best-known quotation of the 19th century British politician Lord Acton and frequently quoted by Winston Churchill.

And that is what happened with the All-powerful American Government with its urge for absolute supremacy – it became corrupt and applied its immensely corruptive power to the domestic affairs suppressing the national Judeo-Christian morality of the individual freedoms and substituting it by its own morality of the government freedoms to do whatever it wishes, and it only wish is to stay in power forever.

And that is how the Judeo-Christian America has come to what we observe in horror now.

> The Big Government that is acting like a god and dismantling the God-guided Judeo-Christian America

The Big Government is disuniting the nation splitting it into many competing and fighting communities, and doing it consciously, to create an anti-Judeo-Christian majority that enables the Big government to change America from the nation of God-guided individual freedoms to the nation of obedience to the All-mighty government-god.

The Big Government is forcing the Judeo-Christian America to obey it as to a god in all real-life circumstances locking the true God in our churches and synagogues.

The Big Government makes it impossible or exceedingly difficult to use our God-guided individual freedoms for helping the others by forcing us to believe it takes care of everybody (like God) by enforcing the mystical fairness for everybody and providing money for its implementation (in everything – education, health services, housing, abortions, marriages, etc.). However, what the Big Government is doing is far from the true fairness – it is confiscating the wealth from those who make it, and using this confiscated wealth to enrich itself and to bribe those to help electing such all-mighty government.

>The Big Businesses that are acting like gods and suppressing the small individual-freedom-based businesses  

The Big Business supports the Big Government since the government’s regulations and direct contracts let the Big Business prosper.

>The Big News-Media conglomerates that are acting like gods as well and blocking the Judeo-Christian America from any information that may awaken this America

The Big News Media is well paid by the Big Business for brainwashing the people to accept the replacement of the Judeo-Christian morality of individual freedoms by the government-imposed moral slavery of an individual sweetened by the free government-provided goodies.

All the Biggies have made Donald J Trump the enemy #1.


President Trump has dispelled all deceptions of the Big Government/Businesses/New-Media-conglomerates and highlighted the real reason for our national misfortunes which is the actions of the Big Government aimed at replacing our national Judeo-Christian morality of God-inspired individual freedoms by the Big-Government slavery … yes, slavery – not in chains but in total dependency!

They have been able to remove Trump from the US Presidency, but they understand that removing us, the Judeo-Christian America, from the American life is a much more difficult task.

Here are the words of one of the Biggies’ leaders: “ABC News Political Director: Getting Rid Of Trump Is The Easy Part. Cleansing The Movement He Commands … Something Else.” So, the Biggies want to cleanse us, to get rid of us, the Judeo-Christian America.   
That is up to us either to accept being cleansed out of existence, or to organize ourselves and defeat them. The first most crucial step should be the sharp downsizing the Government – from being the Big and oppressive one to a normal God-guide one legislating by the morality of the Ten Commandments.

And in the Judeo-Christian America, the Jewish community should realize that many of its members – in violation of the Torah Commandments (“we are created in the image and likeness of God”) – were active participants in cleansing the Judeo-Christian America.   

One of the bosses of the Big Government Pelosi said openly: <Pelosi: Trump ‘imminent threat’ to ‘our Democracy,’ lawmakers moving forward with impeachment.> And she is right – Trump is imminent threat to the dictatorial power of the Big Government, which they call “our democracy.” Yes, the Judeo-Christian America is “imminent threat” to them.

We have painfully discovered that our oppressive political system cannot be changed from inside – different actions are required!

American Big-government Corruption

It is not about elections or social issues – it is about the nation ruining itself

It is not about elections or social issues – it is about the nation ruining itself

FB is preventing this Blog from advertising some posts that in the FB opinion may influence an election or a social-issue resolution. But the thrust of this Blog is not to influence any election or to address any social issue. The thrust of this Blog is to highlight what many of us are scared to acknowledge – we ourselves are ruining our own nation!   

We are ruining our nation by replacing the Bible-guided Ten-Commandments national morals by the Government-guided politically correct decrees.  

We are ruining our nation by asking the government to make us happy instead of working hard to make ourselves individually happy.

We are ruining our nation by admitting the immigrants who are coming to change our national morals – not to live by them.

We are ruining our nation by allowing our adversaries to desecrate our national morals under the cover of free speech.

We are ruining our nation by harvesting votes from the people who do not care about the nation.

We are ruining our nation by allowing the money in support of profit – not the money in support of spiritual ideas – to govern.  

We are ruining our nation by not allowing the religious morality from influencing the national governing.

We are ruining our nation by making the work for the government much more profitable than the work in the private sector.

What else?

That is up to us to decide whether we want to follow this ruinous national trend or reverse it!

China helps us to ruin our own nation: Patrick Byrne: China Is Taking Us Out From Within (theepochtimes.com)

If we do not act it may happen
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