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The God-guided morality of Judaism gave birth to religions of Judaism and Christianity, Judeo-Christian Western civilization, the exceptional USA, and the unique Israel

We have created a totalitarian democracy!

<That is true – We have created a totalitarian democracy!> That is not a figure of speech – that is our terrible reality. We have let the totalitarians among us to use the democracy to build up the totalitarian system of government. Who are the totalitarians? They are those who do not believe in theContinue reading “We have created a totalitarian democracy!”

Restore the Judeo-Christian morality and turn off Big-Government morality!

SOS: Restore the Judeo-Christian morality and turn off Big-Government morality! – Yes, SOS! Our nation in the state of upheaval that is caused by the actions of the people who are looking for the spiritual/moral guidance from the government-god instead of relying on the guidance from the true God – the guidance that is condensedContinue reading “Restore the Judeo-Christian morality and turn off Big-Government morality!”

Modern American ‘diversity’ murders Americans!

<Unfortunately, that is true – Modern American ‘diversity’ murders Americans!> Diversity in the efforts to strengthen the spiritual and economic foundation of the nation creates the domestic competition that is necessary for the nation’s wellbeing – that is what distinguishes the nations of individual liberties from the totalitarian nations. That was America at the beginning.Continue reading “Modern American ‘diversity’ murders Americans!”

‘Racism’ is a weapon of American domestic totalitarianism!  

Racism does not exist in the Judeo-Christian America – ‘Racism’ is a creation of American domestic totalitarianism!   America (the United States of America) was created as a nation with the Judeo-Christian moral governing principles that are coming from the Supreme power called God and rooted in the Ten Commandments. The people of Judeo-Christian moralContinue reading “‘Racism’ is a weapon of American domestic totalitarianism!  “


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I am Vladimir Minkov, Ph.D. Over forty years ago I had escaped together with my family from the Communist Soviet Union, where the people were the slaves of the government, to the Judeo-Christian USA, which cherished the individual freedoms and responsibilities.

Forty years later, I am witnessing the birth of the powerful conglomerate of fascist/communist/pagan ideologies who is trying to dethrone the American Judeo-Christian identity and enslave the people by the power of the big-government-god.

In this blog I am describing the true goals of this domestic enemy and what should be done to secure the victory of Judeo-Christian America.  

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