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The God-guided morality of Judaism gave birth to religions of Judaism and Christianity, Judeo-Christian Western civilization, the exceptional USA, and the unique Israel

It is not BLUE vs RED – it is modern Slavery vs Individual Freedoms

This post continues developing the major idea of this Blog, Intellectual Judaism, on how the Judeo-Christian American national morality – yes, that is our morality/identity! – that is codified in the Ten Commandments and detailed in the Torah/Bible, and in the US Constitution as well, should shape the governing of the nation. In essence, theseContinue reading “It is not BLUE vs RED – it is modern Slavery vs Individual Freedoms”

Trump is a nowadays Moses

Trump is a nowadays Moses and that is what should be understood by the defenders of democracy. Both Moses and Trump are the fighters for the God-guided democracy that is the opposite of the fake politically correct Bolshevism “democracy” that is promoted by the anti-Trump forces in America.   Moses, Hebrew Moshe, Hebrew prophet, teacher,Continue reading “Trump is a nowadays Moses”

There cannot be peace with American Bolsheviks – we must defeat them

@There cannot be peace with American Bolsheviks – we must defeat them@   The term Bolsheviks was describing the members the majority faction of the Russian Social Democratic Party, which was renamed the Communist Party after seizing power in the October Revolution of 1917. This term was synonymous with the socialist · leftist · collectivistContinue reading “There cannot be peace with American Bolsheviks – we must defeat them”

After the elections, a hotter civil war looks inevitable

Regrettably, that is true – after the November 2020 elections a hotter civil war looks inevitable. Any reasonable person feels it. Why? It is so because the USA is not a unified nation anymore – it is split into two rival communities with no common ground to be used as a foundation for reuniting. Why?Continue reading “After the elections, a hotter civil war looks inevitable”


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I am Vladimir Minkov, Ph.D. Over forty years ago I had escaped together with my family from the Communist Soviet Union, where the people were the slaves of the government, to the Judeo-Christian USA, which cherished the individual freedoms and responsibilities.

Forty years later, I am witnessing the birth of the powerful conglomerate of fascist/communist/pagan ideologies who is trying to dethrone the American Judeo-Christian identity and enslave the people by the power of the big-government-god.

In this blog I am describing the true goals of this domestic enemy and what should be done to secure the victory of Judeo-Christian America.  

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