The Judeo-Christian America forced to defend its unique good life

The Judeo-Christian America forced to defend its unique good life

The good life is a term that refers to a (desirable) state that is primarily characterized by a high standard of living or the adherence to ethical and moral laws. Everybody dreams to have the good life.

The good life is defined by the Judeo-Christian America in a unique way not as it is defined by its rivals who are the devotes of various stripes of fascist/communist ideologies such as Antifa, BLM, Leftists in the Dem Party – in short, the ABL America.

The Judeo-Christian America defines the good life as the high standards of living that are defined by the Ten Commandment and being reached by personal efforts led by the God’s guidance.  

That is not how the ABL America defines the good life. In the not politically correct description, they are trying to have the good life by mugging those who created the good life by their own personal efforts.

They do the mugging by dividing the citizens into two classes. One of the classes is the oppressors in the Marxist terminology – they are the citizens who created their good life by their own efforts. And that is us the Judeo-Christian America.

The other class is the oppressed in the same Marxist terminology – they are those who dream to make their good life by redistributing the wealth from those who created it to themselves. And that is the ABL America.   

What is critical to understand that the Judeo-Christian good life and the ABL good life cannot peacefully coexist under “one roof” in one nation. Why?

It is so because the good life in the Judeo-Christian America is reached by providing every human individual with individual freedoms – in the “image and likeness of God” – to reach the individual good life without harming the others and with cooperation with the others.

Contrary to this God-guided way, the good life in the ABL America is reached by splitting the citizens into rival favorite and non-favorite groups, and by providing the favorite groups with a better good life at the expense of the non-favorite groups that is done by forcefully transferring the wealth to the favorite groups from the non-favorite ones.

Those who know the history may remember how it was done in the Stalin’s Soviet Union, in the Hitler’s Germany, In the Mao’s China, in the Castro’s Cuba for example: the good life for the favorite ones who serve the almighty state and the really bad life for the others.

Nowadays the Judeo-Christian America defends its own God-guided approach of creating its unique good life for everybody. In political/social terms, this approach comes to the following.

  • Create your and your family unique good life by your own efforts through your employment or business without relying on the government goodies.
  • Do not enhance your good life at the expense of “your neighbor’s good life.”
  • Help whose who are not able to help themselves and do it through local religious and charitable organizations who closely observe the life of those who are in need (by the way, the cost of this help for an individual would be a small portion of what the government takes from an individual by taxation for this purpose).
  • Establish private insurance conglomerates for covering all anticipated emergency situations such as unemployment, medical, weather, etc.
  • Limit the government responsibilities mostly to safeguarding your individual efforts in creating your unique good life.

Our ABL enemy is determined to defeat us. It is up to us to begin fighting and defeat them.  At this year elections, Trump leads the Judeo-Christian America while Biden is supported by the ABL America.   

That is the spiritual foundation of the Judeo-Christian America

Our nation is in the state of upheaval – why and how to save her?

What is going on?

We cannot reach a national consensus on anything anymore because we are not one nation with peacefully competing domestic groups anymore – we are two rival nations living on same territory under the same name.

We have now two rival bands of elected officials in each of three branches of the Government – one band mostly of the Judeo-Christian morality (that is our band – the conservatives affiliated with the Republican party) and the other band mostly of the anti-Judeo-Christian morality (that is the band of radical liberals affiliated with the Democrat party).

The rival bands have no moral commonality and therefore they are fighting each other – in the Supreme Court, in the Senate and House of Representatives, and in the Departments of Federal Government.

The rival bands are trying to defeat each other in the elections attracting their electorates by fundamentally different promises:

  • At the core of promises of the Judeo-Christian band is the small government supporting the individual freedoms and responsibilities for God-guided citizens-individuals who are contributing to the growth of the national wealth and good-paying jobs.
  • At the core of promises of the anti-Judeo-Christian band is the large all-powerful government which is redistributing the wealth from those who create it to those who want it with the government enslaving everybody by its own rules of moral behavior.    

Why all that happened?

  • It happened because of our disorientation with the State-Religion separation.  

The Constitutional State-Religion separation was created to prevent the unelected religious leaders from interfering into the governing by the democratically elected representatives. It was not created to abolish/ruin the national Judeo-Christian morality as the guidance for the governing. Our disorientation on this issue let the rivals of Judeo-Christian America begin ruining our national identity and America itself as we know her.

  • It happened because our confusion with the democracy brought to live the anti-democratic fascist/communist tendencies.

The true democracy has only one true meaning and it is – providing for all citizens the free elections to elect the officials who will be preserving and advancing the national identity (which is Judeo-Christian one). However, we redefined the democracy by adding to its true meaning so many additions that this redefined democracy began destroying and denigrating the national Judeo-Christian identity.   

  • It happened because of our misinterpretation of the tolerance.

We tolerated not only all competitive actions aimed at advancing and spiritual and material wellbeing of the Judeo-Christian America, as it should be, – we tolerated the actions advocating the dismantling the Judeo-Christian America, although we should be suppressing them.  

So, what to do?

  • VOTE in November 2020 to elect Donald J Trump of our Judeo-Christian America the US President and to create the Judeo-Christian majority in both chambers of the US Congress.
  • If the facts of our election victory are irrefutable, be prepared to DEFEND our victory (by all means) because many leading democrat officials proclaimed, they will not recognize our victory.
  • The newly elected US Judeo-Christian Congress and President DESIGNATE those US citizens and organizations who perform actions aimed at harming and demolishing the Judeo-Christian America as the domestic enemies (they are various shapes of fascist/communist dictatorship/slavery).
  • The law enforcement entities of the newly elected US Government ENFORCE the laws related to the domestic enemies.    

I do not see any other way for defeating the domestic enemies of Judeo-Christian America and securing the future of our nation. Do you?

After you read the analysis below, President Trump might become your only choice

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The birth of Judeo-Christian America

After you read the analysis below, President Trump might become your only choice.

After you read this you can understand that the current civil war in America is the third domestic war in our history in defense of our national American Judeo-Christian identity. And you may realize that President Donald Trump is the only one available politician to lead the Judeo-Christian America to victory.

At the core of American Judeo-Christian identity is the individual freedoms and responsibilities guided by the God’s Ten Commandments and its deliberations in the Torah/Bible with the role of government only in support of such national identity – “In God We Trust.”  

This unique Judeo-Christian identity was the identity of the founders of the American nation (it was not yet the USA) who escaped from the European religious/monarchial, anti-individual-freedoms regimes in 17-18 centuries.

Alongside with the founders of the American nation, the people with dissimilar vision were coming to these shores.

Their vision was to impose on the newly founded American nation the oppressive European system of government, and it took two domestic wars to defeat these oppressive forces and restore the founding American Judeo-Christian identity of individual freedoms and responsibilities guided by the God’s Ten Commandments.   

The first domestic war was the American Revolution of 1796 that defeated the King of England.

The second domestic war was the civil war of 1861-1865 that defeated the American slave owners.

Nowadays we are in the state of the third domestic war. The third domestic war is going right now where the Judeo-Christian America is fighting against the fascist/communist organizations like the left-wing groups of the Democrat Party, ANTIFA or BLM that are trying to remake America from the nation of individual rights and responsibilities to the nation of the government’s dictatorial orders.

In this-year elections, Donald Trump represents and defends the Judeo-Christian America while the enemies of Judeo-Christian America appointed Joe Biden to remake America.

The rivals of the Judeo-Christian America (the left-wing Democrat Party, ANTIFA, BLM) are using a variety of nice-sounding slogans to attract the November 2020 voters. Among those slogans are such as reaching economic equality, fighting racism, providing equal justice, helping poor, etc. Nothing wrong is with these slogans – what is wrong is how our rivals will be reaching the slogans’ goals and what is the true meaning of the slogans.

The Judeo-Christian America is reaching these goals by the individual’s efforts (the individual freedoms and responsibilities) guided by the God’s Ten Commandments and its deliberations in the Torah/Bible.

Contrary to this approach, our rivals are pushing for creating the all-mighty government that would enslave the people by ordering them to do what many would consider as violation of their individual rights and responsibilities as was done in the Nazi Germany or Communist Russia.  

The Judeo-Christian meaning of the slogans is to reach economic equality by providing the equal economic opportunities – not the equal results as our rivals assert; to fight racism by equally respecting each race – not by selecting some races for preferential treatment as our rivals assert; providing equal justice by judging the people of all races in the same way – not by taking into consideration a person’s race as our rivals assert.

We should learn something particularly important from the civil war which nowadays is going on in one of the countries of the Former Soviet Union – Belarus. The Belarussians are fighting against the dictatorial all-powerful government of Lukashenko. However, they are not fighting for substituting this government by a “caring democratic” all-powerful government – they are fighting for Belarus of “individual rights and responsibilities.” They know a “caring democratic” all-powerful government is just a pipe dream.  

The Guardian: Belarus’s struggle is a powerful reminder of the value of freedom:

Readers with the desire for deeper understanding of the roots of the current civil war and how the Judeo-Christian America may win should read the following four publications:

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““God” is the reason for Jews to be highly respected and horribly hated” –

The founders of unique American Judeo-Christian identity

”God” is the reason for Jews to be highly respected and horribly hated

That is true, ”God” in “His” multiple images is the reason for Jews to be highly respected and horribly hated

The anti-Semitism is rising these days, and we must fight it better – that is what we read these days in the news media. We ask for money to fight the anti-Semitism, we denounce it in the news media, we create new laws against anti-Semitism … but anti-Semitism does not want to decease. Why?  

To understand this – why the high respect for us the Jews exists together with the horrible hate – we should recall how one group of the humans became the Jews.   

There were no Jews when the humans were created by some Superpower called God

Scientists, priests, philosophers, atheists, ordinary people, all believe in the existence of the All-Mighty Superpower whom we call God who created our world, and the humans in this world. The images of this God are numerous from something like an easily recognized human-like all-mighty person to an impossible to imagine “black holes.”

God the Creator of everything in our world also created the humans, grouped in numerous human tribes, and among those human tribes the Jewish one did not exist.

What existed was the God’s Laws for human living, and the human tribes were trying to understand those laws and follow them – that was the era of paganism.  

At the beginning, the pagans of all human tribes tried to understand the God’s laws in their unique tribal ways

At the beginning, the pagans of all human tribes tried to understand the God’s laws intuitively believing that not they the humans create the laws of behavior but there are the God’s laws that should be understood and followed.

And they were right. The future history showed that the humans suffer, and suffer enormously, when they try to substitute the God’s Laws by their own. The Western civilization and the Jewish nation followed the God’s Laws, and they prosper while the Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China who lived by the human-dictators’ laws suffered enormously.

One human tribe was advancing its understanding of the God’s Laws in a much better way, and this tribe became the Jewish nation   

Some of the tribes were advancing the human life with much better understanding of the God’s guidance, and some were not. Among them, one tribe was distinguished for much better understanding of the God’s Laws, and that was the tribe which would in the future be called the Jewish nation.

The contemporary science distinguishes various tribes, which nowadays are called nations or ethnical groups, by unique for each tribe genetic composition.

The following are the well-known facts of how this tribe was advancing its understanding of the God’s Laws

At the Jewish beginning with Abraham, Moses, Torah, and individual Jews

About 15th century BC: Abraham of the Jewish tribe had begun receiving the God’s guidance verbally (the Torah/Bible story of Abraham and Isaac).

About 13th century BC: Moses of the Jewish tribe had begun receiving the God’s guidance in writing (the Torah/Bible story of Mount Sinai and the Tablets).

Between 13th and 1st century BC: Individual Jews of the Jewish tribe were learning how to live by God’s guidance (the history of Jews).

About 1st century BC: Jewish Joshua (future Jesus Christ) had begun helping the non-Jews live by the God’s guidance (the beginning of Christianity).

Key elements of the God’s guidance that the Jewish tribe was able to understand at the Jewish beginning that other tribes were not able

The human tribes were fighting and killing each other for obtaining more territories and wealth … as they believed their gods were guiding them.

The Jewish tribe changed the “fighting” into the “competing” with the very meaning of competing as competing for better understanding of the One God guidance aimed at advancing each other through the competition – not through killing and stealing the wealth.

The Ten Commandments were promoted as the God’s guidance for peaceful competitive coexistence for all tribes Jewish and non-Jewish that should be tailored to individual life circumstances – in the image and likeness of God.

Various individuals may encounter different life challenges that requires different – individual – tailoring/customizing of the God’s guidance. Some of this customizing could be found in the Tanakh – the Torah plus the sayings of the Prophets.

The Jewish tribe was selected by God (or decided to do it on its own) to help the others to live by the God’s guidance because the Jewish-tribe genetics was better suited for this task. The selection of Jewish tribe for this task does not denigrate the non-Jewish tribes – they might be suited better for other tasks.

After the Jewish beginning, the Jewish Exile with Talmud, rabbis, synagogues, yeshivas, Torah studies

About two thousand years ago the Exile changed everything. The Jewish nation was split and spread all around the world.

The Talmud was written that provided the Jews in spiritually different countries of the Exile with unified human-made rules extracted from various Torah stories.

In the absence of the Jerusalem Temple and the High Priest, the local rabbis had become the judges on the Torah’s guidance that transformed the synagogue Jews from the spiritual individuals to the spiritual flock.  

Cheders/yeshivas with Torah studies helped the Jews get more individuality but limited by the “kosher discussion borders” of their rabbis.

How the Jewish understanding and promoting of the God’s Laws helped advancing the entire world  

The Jews laid down the foundation of spiritual human advancement

This foundation is the Ten Commandments and its derivatives, and the Torah/Bible guidance on how to tailor and use them for the individual life circumstances, that created the Judeo-Christian identity of many nations of our world.   

The Jews laid down the foundation of material human advancement

This foundation is the numerous scientific discoveries and technical/economic developments that let other nations significantly improve the wellbeing of their citizens.

The Jews laid down the foundation of Judeo-Christian civilization 

We the Jews created the foundation of the victorious Judeo-Christian Western civilization where the God’s guided individual freedoms and responsibilities – “in the image and likeness of God” – are loved and secured where the social construct based on the individual freedoms and responsibilities created the best spiritual and material wellbeing for its residents.   

And that is why the Jews are the prime object of respect.   

The Jews laid down the foundation of anti-Semitism

We the Jews made the people who hate the individual freedoms and responsibilities and love to live by the rules created for them by the “kings” – in the image and likeness of their god-like human kings – despise us. They despise us because we are forcing them to be responsible for their own actions and to blame themselves for their misfortunes while they prefer to follow the king’s orders and to blame the king for their misfortunes.   

And that is why the Jews are the prime object of hate.

How to fight and how not to fight anti-Semitism

# We must recognize that we the Jews, like everybody else, have the unique national identity that we cannot change, and the anti-Semitism is the unavoidable result of our national-identity actions.

# We must fight the anti-Semites not by punishing them legislatively or denouncing it in the news-media but rather by emphasizing – together with the Christians – the marvels of the Judeo-Christian civilization that brought the highest level of happiness for the anti-Semites and everybody else in the modern world.  

Finally, both parties agree our social construct has crumbled – what to do

That is true – finally, both parties agree our social construct has crumbled – what to do?

The statements of the party leaders:

“It’s like a giraffe and a flamingo,” said Pelosi in a meeting on Tuesday, reports Politico, citing people at the meeting. “They’re both at a zoo. A dumb person may think they could mate for offspring. A smart person knows that’s impossible. That’s our bills. They’re unable to mate.”

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin were also in the meeting, as was Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who reportedly compared the Democratic bill to a golden retriever and the GOP proposal to a chihuahua: “[A] golden retriever can’t mate with a Chihuahua. You have a Chihuahua. We have a beautiful lion.”


Why our social construct has crumbled

Our social construct that was legalized and secured by US Constitution was based on the conviction that the American nation is guided by the Judeo-Christian morality/tradition that values individual freedoms and responsibilities guided by the Ten Commandments with the minimal government defending and protecting all that.

Based on this conviction, no Constitutional constraining safeguards to prevent the intrusion into our nation the non-Judeo-Christian morality/tradition that are hostile to ours were made.

As a result of that, after the WWII the number of newcomers to our country with the moralities/traditions that are hostile to the founding Judeo-Christian morality/traditions has reached the critical point that has brought our nation to the current state of civil war … Yes, this is a civil war, and we must acknowledge it despite our fear of these two words. That is a civil war because – as all recent nation-wide upheavals and the statements above reveal – we are not able anymore to find the compromise on anything.  

Our unfortunate options

  • Option 1: Our nation will be split into two separate and hostile nations – the Judeo-Christian America and something else – as in the historic past the Soviet Union was split into the Russian Federation and the fifteen other independent states, or Great Britain’s India was split into India itself, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • Option 2: Our nation will stop being the Judeo-Christian nation with individual freedoms and responsibilities, and will become a nation of an oppressive all-mighty government – as in the historic past it happened to be in the Nazi Germany and the Communist Soviet Union and nowadays exists in the countries like China, Cuba or Venezuela.
  • Option 3: Our nation begin FIGHTING for the restoration of our Judeo-Christian America, starting immediately with the unquestionable support of the “restoration actions” by US President Donald J Trump – not because he is with no sins but because there is nobody else who is ready to do this NOW.

We must make this choice NOW, or the option (3) would disappear.

From July 31, 2020 news-media publication: ^^^“Barack (Obama) knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation,” Michelle Obama said back in 2008. And “changing our history” is exactly what Obama and his deep state cohorts have been working nonstop to do. Not only did Obama hype up the anti-American sentiments in our country with his manufactured race war, but he appears to also be behind the sudden rise of communist movements and violent anti-Trump groups like Antifa. He was even busted for throwing billions of dollars at them during his last days at the White House. Now under Obama’s command, these insane people are doing everything they can to erase America’s “white” history. The ongoing destruction of the relics of our Founding Fathers is proof of that, and Obama’s fingerprints are all over it.^^^

Islamic-like dictatorial future?
Chinese-like dictatorial future?
Judeo-Christian individual-freedoms future?
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